Mark Redden

Mark Redden

Born in Dublin in 1979, Redden graduated from the Crawford College of Art, winning several awards for his work, which has been described as all-encompassing in its vision. Following school he expanded his cultural education, which was wide-ranging and largely self-taught. He worked briefly in advertising and later for a wooden boat-builder in a village in the west of Ireland. He has traveled to five continents and continues to travel in search of a broader education.

He has taken inspiration from poets, philosophers, scientists and writers throughout his life. Redden has created his own distinctive iconography in which each element is loaded with symbolism and meaning.

A handful of overarching themes appear regularly in his work. He seeks to understand our purpose here on Earth, our relationship with the celestial, the spiritual and the weight of human history.

This fascination with the world and his thirst for knowledge and understanding provokes the viewer to consider these bigger questions with him. He seeks to form a narrative that defies any definitive interpretation yet aims to inspire far-ranging thoughts in the viewer.

Redden currently lives and works in Barcelona.